Released Suns Both. Cheers Sons.

1. “Write a song,” they twice told me. “Whose and Why?” could’ ve asked, or “How much?”. Well I didn’t. I wrote it.
It was long, it was vast, it kept hymning my love and Us, God, in my heart.
Grace Our name and He loves me and adores me so much.
And He cries in our meadow, reading poems, tears of joy, mine he does,
But of men he’s the strongest and adores me and oh loves me – so much.
My verse recorded the universe.
Our chorus harmonized the world.
For two actors in love from that meadow above. We’ ve been spiralling up. Supercharging our actions, amplifying reactions.
Let us act – You can dig: Dig the symbol through fact.
For the boy who saw my play. Christmas Day, years ago – running act.
For its impact on his heart.
For that catalyst as mine. Cause we’ ve merged.
For his breath in our pact.

2. “Just write the song,” they cried alone. They charmed own home,
Kept throwing dice, I jumped along, alone, redshifted I did, and it’s been months.
A rabbit came, I flipped the script, It’s been a year?
I’ ve shed one tear? But oh how grand, how clean:
For them I sang The sonnet number Thirty Three,
The years we needed to be free.

3. To You Or Me, To say the least. Ever Readiest Now, Killed Lay Any Beast.
Two Languages Meet Back In One, Minus the joker, no big bang,
To keep the change.
For Me You Sang.
Αnd what did she, as Earth, proclaim?
I gift my origin story, rewritten, I say. How’ s that for suns two in one ray?
I’ ve been your muse. Come now be mine.
At least proceed, exchange at last. Adjust and Trust. The secret plan. Awakened we Must. Our Mission is Just.
Ideological access we have.
As lighthouses now we shall dispatch. Transported we have.
You Worked a Whole and All From Me, For Me, By Me, To Always Stand, And Now You Still Lose Me Like Sand?
Desert’ s Our Home, Though, With Its Sun.
Clairvoyance Through Eternal Dome.
Yours is My Wand, Entice The Dice, Conscious to Expand.
We’ re everywhere: Land.
From Sacred Soil, Two Snakes Uncoil. Converging Free, Was I You, Me?
How could an angel ever derail? Derange, you want?
From Far Away Lament Whose Prank?
Who played insane? Bathed hemp, which Levant lunatic, pure – Quincunx Whose skunks?
Domestic too’ s our sweetest home. And oh how tall.
Don’t feast or fast, alas. Don’ t hermit next. Instead, Be vast:
The sum as whole,
the healed wormhole.
Abundance’s mine,
To shine in shrines forever free, freedom entwined,
what was the fee?
Left In the key.
Oh no, ‘t’ was mine. Or me – Benign.
Cloud Nine – Full cast.
Peel off the mask. Flood forth the cask.
Lament No More. Let expectation flip. And all. Torpedo the Ark. And crack the code, enter no time. I Own No More Nothing But Us.
A Lame Name Change, I Name You Game, We’ re One, The Same:
Retrieve Our Soul, Our Texts, Our Dove.
Fly In Us Know, Release the Glove. Won’t Waver Still, Though So in Love.
Bite My Own Tail, Gift Yours My Head.
Αround The Bed, My Feet’ n’ Your Face, Yours Mine, The Same, Two Kids – One Flame, To Act, To Sing, To Dance, To Write, Beauty To Beauty Fight And Birth – The Right To Freedom Whole. As One.
I’m Waiting Home Eternal Sun,
In Poetry Two Shall Make Love.
As One.
As Souls.
With You Alone, Courage Outblown.
Ascend Now, Moan.
And bend me, mold.
Diffused’ s Our Scent, Shiver in Me, My Voice is Yours, In Me you Shove, I Chant your Chores. Ylang – Ylang. For this solar storm last year we sang.
In sync. In higher stratospheres.
The waiting game. Let us evolve. Both here and everywhere. For Us And All.
To Live Enthrall.
My Naked Dance Is Yours – Recall:
Moonlit We Frall. Goodnight. Good luck. Sweet Dreams To suck – The Feast’ s on Us. Kiss Him From Me For I am Puck.
And Art, For Art, I’ll Give a Fuck.

4. For you three boys I wrote the sonnet number thirty four, the stillness we all listened for.
And let knowledge come in as light. Let wisdom nourish any fight.